6 x monthly portions (12 cans) of Vali Vita MED IQ Gold

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Amino acids are protein building blocks and are found in almost every body tissue. However, the human body cannot produce many of them itself; they must be supplied through food - ideally in the optimal ratio, in accordance with the human amino acid pattern, and in the purest quality.

And because amino acids are found in almost every body tissue, they are also called the building blocks of life. Scientists have been able to identify a total of over 250 amino acids, many of which are important for human protein synthesis. From these, the human body can form more than 5,000 different proteins, which are needed, for example, for the construction of muscle cells, collagen, connective tissue, cells of the organs and the skin, but also for the formation of hormones, enzymes as well as blood cells and cells of the immune system.

Our IQ Gold is the ideal combination for humans. With plant-based, GMO-free origin, particularly high usability, hardly any detectable nitrogen waste and hardly any calories! These are completely absorbed in the small intestine in just 23 minutes and are available for all body functions. Typically, dietary proteins take 5 - 13 times longer to digest. That's why our IQ Gold is considered revolutionary in protein supply!

Our IQ Gold has many other advantages, such as:

  • Net nitrogen utilization (NNU) for body protein synthesis of 99%
  • is almost calorie-free with only 4 kcal/10 tablets and at this dose contains the same amount of amino acids that can actually be used for building purposes as, for example, 350g of fish, meat or poultry
  • Consequently, it only forms 1% nitrogen degradation toxins (ammonia and urea) and is pH-neutral. The internal organs, such as the intestines, liver and kidneys, are protected because no digestive end products are produced.
  • provides a ratio that is optimal for the human nutritional pattern
  • Is vegan
  • No allergens according to EU Regulation 1169/2011
  • Is gluten free