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One capsule – four super-strong components

Basic Protect organic capsules from Vali Vita MED ® have it all. They contain four components that boast a variety of positive health effects.
The organic turmeric dry extract is the most important ingredient in terms of quantity. Also represented are organic astragalus dry extract, organic coriander dry extract and black pepper fruit extract. Calcium carbonate serves as a filler.

And after this brief preliminary information, now the detailed “introduction round”: Here come our four main actors!


- Improves metabolism and protects in many ways

- Traditionally one of the most important areas of application for turmeric


- Taking turmeric has been proven positive effects with increased

cholesterol levels and diabetes.

- An anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric can also be seen.

- Positive effects on human metabolism and digestion

- Helps protect the body from inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular diseases.


- Rejuvenation treatment for the organism

- Has long been used as a medicinal plant in traditional Chinese medicine

- Strengthens a weakened immune system, but at the same time also prevents overreactions of the body's own defenses. For these reasons, it has good effects on allergic rhinitis (“hay fever”), for example.

- So it's no exaggeration to call astragalus extract a real fountain of youth. In addition, it helps our immune system to effectively protect us from illnesses without compromising our health through overreactions.


- Antimicrobial effect: It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, as has been proven in experiments.

- It is digestive and also effectively relieves symptoms such as flatulence and mild gastrointestinal cramps.

- Have a significant iron content, making it suitable for improving anemia, among other things.

- Anti-inflammatory effect

- Improves our well-being and helps protect against infections and inflammations.

Black pepper:

- Turmeric's best friend, extremely promotes its effects

- Stimulates digestion - certainly one reason for pepper's popularity as a spice!

- Antioxidant effect and thus helps to protect the body's cells from aging processes and disease.

- Anti-inflammatory effect

All four components of Basic Protect contribute to improving metabolic processes and protecting our body from diseases and aging processes. Even the filler is a small “bonus”: calcium carbonate is important for bone development and relieves stomach problems.

An all-round healthy mixture - and made from natural raw materials in organic quality!