About Us

Welcome to Vali Vita MED® GmbH, the organically certified vital substance manufacturer from the Allgäu, the manufacturer of unique products relating to health and vitality.

For the sake of your health, we create special products for you so that you can live a long life with joy and vitality.

Thanks to our know-how and collaboration with experts from the health industry, we always develop high-quality products and recipes based on the latest orthomolecular medicine.

For you as a customer: “Only the best is good enough!”. Not only compliance with legal regulations, but also the desired purity, safety and effectiveness of our products is our top priority. Our products are produced exclusively in Germany to guarantee a strictly controlled selection of raw materials and careful storage.

We value the highest quality and sustainability for our customers.

We guarantee you fast shipping, environmentally friendly shipping through DHL GO GREEN and sustainable packaging and shipping methods to protect our environment. We also donate a portion of every order to organizations that protect our planet.

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With ❤️ your Vali Vita MED® team